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Note to school | Do not mask my child


I, the parent of respectfully decline on my child/ren’s behalf, the use of, in any form, a face covering. This will be our stance for the entire school year (2021-2022). We do not give consent for our child/ren to be masked by any faculty or staff. We do not permit any staff to ask my child/ren to put a face covering on. The use of a shield around my child’s work area is not to be used, I do not consent. You do not have permission to separate or segregate my child due to them not having a face covering or a covid-19 vaccine. Any bullying or discrimination by student or staff will not be tolerated.

If there are any concern or questions, please contact us, the parent/s at:

Thank you,

Dear ,

As the 2021 school year approaches it has become clear that schools will be mandating the use of face coverings for children. Based on the concerns of my own child/ren and the testimony’s of others in our community, I will be respectfully denying this mandate. As a parent / legal guarding I do not consent to any staff member, teacher or adult in the position of authority to separate or segregate my child in any manner, up to and including the use of separators or dividers, for any reason including my choice to not have my child/ren masked. Any bullying or discrimination will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly.


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